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Kilimanjaro Trek 2005
Page Creator: JOHN PRICE
Event: kilimanjaro2005
Event Date: 16th Feb 2005
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Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
About my charity: Leukaemia Research Fund Leukaemia Research Fund
LRF is the only national charity dedicated exclusively to funding research throughout the UK into the causes, treatments and cures of all blood cancers, including lymphomas, myeloma, myelodysplasia and aplastic anaemia.
Fundraising target: 1,000.00
So far I have raised: 1,629.55
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My personal message:

Dear friends,

I am taking part in the toughest adventure of my life, to do my little bit to help improve the lives of others.

I am climbing the highest mountain in Africa via the rarely used Western Breach route, whilst collecting for Leukaemia Research Fund.

Please help me make a difference.None of the money you donate will be used to fund my trip or any of the equipment needed, so dig as deep as you can.

Polesworth Garage Limited have very kindly donated 500 to this cause. Bearings International Limited have very kindly donated 250 and Trend Machinery & Cutting Tools in Watford have again very kindly donated 50. This makes up the 800 donated direct to Leukaemia Research Fund.

Cash collections have added another 284.50 at present (10/3/2005) but more to come.

I have a web page to view.
Please go to www.bearings.f2s.com/7summits.

Please visit the Leukaemia Research Fund website at http://www.lrf.org.uk for details of the wonderful work and research undertaken by the Leukaemia Research Fund

thanks again


My online sponsors to date:
Display Name Date Type Amount Tax Bonus  Comment
Bryan & Iris 28/02/2005 Donation 20.00 5.64 I would have come with you but the grass keeps on growing 
Simon Aston 21/02/2005 Donation 10.00 2.82 All the best mate! 
Helen Crawford 18/02/2005 Donation 10.00 2.82 good luck and best wishes from a friend of Si & Sade Aston 
Alan Gelling 21/01/2005 Donation 20.00 n/a Good Luck 
Lee Hartopp 30/12/2004 Donation 20.00 5.64 Thanks For All Your Help With The Website I am sure that this adventure is well within A Beduthite!! 
Anonymous 30/12/2004 Donation 20.00 5.64  
Neil Sutton 25/12/2004 Donation 20.00 5.64 enjoy the climb, if unsuccesful can I have your DVDs ? 
Neal Unitt-Jones 16/12/2004 Donation 10.00 2.82 Another ten quid to you instead of Christmas cards to the office :-) 
Anonymous 18/10/2004 Donation 5.00 n/a  
JOHN PRICE 18/10/2004 Donation 25.00 7.05 Thanks David, Your Donation Very Much Appreciated 
Neal Unitt-Jones 15/10/2004 Donation 10.00 2.82 Go Kill that Mango! 
Anonymous 14/10/2004 Donation 28.00 7.90  
Anonymous 07/10/2004 Donation 59.00 16.64  
Christian Cullinane 01/10/2004 Donation 20.00 5.64 Very best of luck to you!  
Derek Newbould 01/10/2004 Donation 30.00 8.46 Best of luck John, I hope it goes well. 
Anonymous 01/10/2004 Donation 25.64 7.23  
Elayne Armstrong 01/10/2004 Donation 50.00 n/a Go John! Go! The sky's the limit! 
James Murata 01/10/2004 Donation 50.00 n/a You've always been there for us, hope this helps you toward your goal. 
Neal Unitt-Jones 29/09/2004 Donation 20.00 5.64 It's a lot like walking to Bed'th, but with better views. 
*Total raised online: 452.64
Total Gift Aid reclaimed: 92.41
Amount raised offline: 1,084.50
Grand Total: 1,629.55

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